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Julie Learning Journal

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Julie Pisano
15 January 2013

Week 1 16th January, 2012

Excellent mindmap of key themes and ideas – would have liked to print it and read it as a great reference and use of e-learning tool/technique

 What is learning design?

-       Developing a learning program/event which brings together the learner, organisational and facilitator needs/aspect

-       Developing a sequence of learning activities to achieve a goal

-       Considers context; place, time (time available and timing within organisation), existing knowledge, learner goals, organisational goals,

-       ADDIE method; Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation – analysis and evaluation under-represented Kali, Goodyear & Markauskaite

-       Ask self:  why did you do it this way?  What other options are available and why didn’t you use them?

-       Larnaca Declaration

  • educators often teach the way they themselves were taught
  • ‘output’ model – what the learners know and can do following teaching and learning activities
  • ‘learner-centred’ – what works for student learning
  • Role for teacher is on structuring the opportunities for learning and scaffolding the learning process to assist learners to learn
  • Different teaching approaches may be used for different subjects and at different stages of learning
  • Lecturing has its place among a suite of teaching methods that can assist learners to learn
  • Ill formed and unguided discussion can be as ineffective for learning as poor content transmission
  • Using a wide range of teaching and learning approaches depending on what is most effective in their context

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