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A Collaborative 'Gamified Simulation' Environment in Wordpress - project overview

About the project and the current project team

Cloud created by:

Oli Haslam
16 January 2013

New members are welcome to join this project team. Leave a comment if you are interested.

The project

The project is to create a fairly simple way for tutors to create authentic simulations that enable and encourage, even demand, collaboration between learners in order to complete the simulation successfully. The simulations should be able to run in real-time if desired, or over a set time of choosing (e.g. hours, days, weeks).

It should include an element of ‘gamification’ to motivate learner engagement, to have a potential means of assessment, to introduce competition and urgency (where appropriate) and to reproduce real-life situations as closely as possible.

We'd like to create (in the next few weeks):

  • An online environment (Wordpress Multisite plus a selection of plugins) in which lecturers can self-author (real-time or otherwise) simulations for learners.
  • Some plans, guidance and ideas for educators on how to configure and extend Wordpress Multisite themselves to create authentic simulations for learners.
  • At least one small but working simulation.
  • Some ideas and scenarios for potential simulations that other educators could create.
  • A model (a learning design) that others could copy and adapt.

Current team members

Oli Haslam (project 'Dreamer')

I'm a university course developer/learning technologist doing this as a personal project for fun and my own CPD. I'm interested in both the technical side and the teaching and learning side of this project.

I love the flexibility, reliability and simplicity of Wordpress and feel it is underused in teaching and learning. I'd like to help change that. I also think that simulations for learning are underused, in part because they are complex to author and facilitate. That needs changing too.

My primary motivation for this project is to create something that university lecturers can and will use to create realistic simulations for learners. I want it to be free and as easy to set up and use as possible.

I'm keen on authentic learning and would like it to be posible to make 'authentic' simulations that reproduce real-life situations as closely as possible but if people want to create non-authentic simulations with whatever we come up with, that is more than welcome too. 

I'd like others to be able to use and develop simulations themselves on any topic. I want to use free open source software and to share all the code, content and thinking so anyone can take a copy themselves and continue development on their own. 

Adam Warren

pls edit if you can - not sure of Cloudworks allows you 

Alex Furr

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Oli Haslam
10:42pm 16 January 2013

New members to this project team are still welcome.

If you want to join Oli Haslam (me), Adam Warren and Alex Furr on the team leave a comment or get in touch some other way.

Oli Haslam
10:47pm 16 January 2013 (Edited 10:54pm 16 January 2013)

Joined a study circle yet?

No, nor me.

If you think that your project might overlap with this project for a gamified  simulation environment or can think of another good reason to form a study circle, then let's talk.

I'm interested in authentic learning most of all, which for me, in this project at least, takes in simulation and gamification. I like to take a social constructivist approach and am still discovering quite what that means.

Oli Haslam
11:11pm 16 January 2013

Here's a link to find the Google Group for this project. It's an open group so feel free to come on in.!forum/gamified-simulation-olds-mooc-project

Kulari Lokuge Dona
11:19pm 26 January 2013

The project idea is interesting, what type of simultations are you planning to build?


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