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About me- Introduction follow up

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Elizabeth Forgione-Barkas
16 January 2013

Hello again,

I original introduced myself on a thread elsewhere, but believe this was the correct place to do so. I am finding that their is a large variety of technologies that I am not familiar with so I am having a small learning curve this week try to familiar myslef with them. As a result, I am a little behind with the week's activities.

Anyway, I am Elizabeth Forgione-Barkas. I currently live near and work in Charlotte, NC. I am the Director for eLearning at a local community college so I am finding the technology used an added benefit to the MOOC, even though it has caused me a set back in compleing the activities.

In addition, I am a Web Accessibility expert and among my research I found the UK to be further along in accessibility and usability as relates to Web design in general and in respect to higher education institutions. Yet another draw for me in regards to this MOOC.

Now that I am moving along, I hope to be able to keep up.

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