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Penny Bentley: My Dream:To design fun, active, interactive webinars for teaching and learning in virtual classrooms.

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Penny Bentley
16 January 2013

I love teaching and learning online, from my experience one of the best ways to do this is in a virtual classroom. But, there's the good and the bad.

In 2013 I'll continue with 2 learning situations which rely on the virtual classroom platform Blackboard Collaborate...

  • Maths tutoring for students in a small, rural community as part of a Community ICT Project
  • Volunteer moderator/facilitator for the Australia e-Series of weekly webinars
In both situations I'd like to see changes in a number of things...
  • from passive to active participation
  • more visuals, less text
  • from one to two way communication
  • better use of web tours and application sharing
  • a resource bank of ideas, tools and templates
  • the possibility of mobile webinars
I'm sure there's more to add over time. 
I think I could bring about change by...
  • sharing experiences with other participants who deliver webinars
  • surveying learners to identify prefererences for online learning
  • trialing my ideas with learners in my virtual classroom
  • inviting feedback
  • networking with the experts
  • use active learning in real time...for example, if the learning topic is using Twitter I would application share Twitter, ask participants to sign up then take them through the process in real time. 
Webinars don't need to be lecture style presentations. They can be fun, active, visual and informal in style.
I've found 2 similar proposals...
  • Daniel Staemmler: Design a webinar on how to design an engaging webinar
  • Paige Cuffe: Design template/tools for Elluminate/Blackboard and similar environments

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Daniel Staemmler
8:24am 16 January 2013

Hi Penny,

I think we are very much on the same track and would love to join forces with you. I created a Google+ study group for everybody who is willing and interested to join this subject matter.

Cheers, Daniel

Penny Bentley
8:38am 16 January 2013

Thanks Daniiel, will join.

Penny Bentley
8:38am 16 January 2013 (Edited 9:05am 16 January 2013)

Daniel nothing comes up when I search for your G+ link.

Penny Bentley
8:38am 16 January 2013 (Edited 9:06am 16 January 2013)

Are the settings private?

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