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Ruth's reflections

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Ruth Geer
16 January 2013

Week 1

It was both exciting but rather daunting being part of a MOOC. It was great trying out the various tools but I did have some difficulty in making the connection. There were some great references that I could draw on but I must admit that by teh end of the week I felt overwhelmed. I didn't want set activities over the weekend as I wanted to use this time to catch up instead of falling further behind.

I thought I had done a great job of setting up some clouds but when i went to review them they had all disappeared. After some investigation of whether I had created them in correctly I came up with teh conclusion that it's a problem with IE so am changing to Chrome.

Week 2

Even though I had fallen behind & activities weren't quite working out as planned I commenced the week with confidence. I've enjoyed the discussion on learning contexts & have found teh definitions really useful. Decided to join Tracy Johnson's project design to look at identifying good learning design principles for teachers. Am excited about this as I feel it has real relevance to what I am doing in my own teaching. Being selective & slowly working through some of the activities & readings.

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