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Henk Huijser
16 January 2013

At Batchelor Institute, we are beginning to experiment with Facebook Groups, which appears to be working well with Indigenous students, as they all spend a lot of time on Facebook. But it is for now simply a communication tool.

Do other use Facebook groups for specific educational purposes?

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Graeme Arnott
11:59pm 24 March 2013

Hi Henk,

I've got two Facebook groups on the go. The first is really just a convenient way of communicating with some students.  I switch my work's mobile phone off at 5pm, but the students in the group know that they can message me after that time or at weekends. For some reason communicating in the group after 5pm doesn't really feel like work. 

The second has only just started and this one is with my colleagues.  It hasn't really got off the ground yet, and to be honest I'm not entirely convinced that it will.  Got to try though.

Henk Huijser
11:35pm 25 March 2013

That's interesting Graeme, thanks! Yes, I think most people I've talked to so far use it as the most convenient way to communicate with some students. I'm wondering if anyone actually uses it for specific educational purposes, for example assessment.

I had a coversation yesterday with a student who told me that most of the other students were spending a lot of time on Facebook discussing the course (which the lecturer was not involved in), while on the course Moodle site they would actually get credit for their for thought.

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