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Reflection on Oldsmooc week 1: Cathy Chen

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Cathy Chen
16 January 2013

Spent time today following the 'converge' video and looking at proposals. I would like to try and keep to the guidelines set out, but it has been difficult to ascertain which proposals are closely aligned to my personal interests. I returned to the 'initiate site again and again. So, no more prevaricating. I feel as if I am wasting/losing time. 
I have decided that I have to be more disciplined in this quest - I have 'applied' to collaborate with another 'dreambazaar team' and indicated interest in joining a study group.
I am hopeful that next week will be easier as far as navigation etc., but not sure that it will be any less demanding on time. That's why I need to start being more disciplined - return to work looms on the horizon and there will be much less time available to spend here.

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Penny Bentley
8:43am 16 January 2013

Hi Cathy, I'm a Melbourne girl too :) Why not drop into the Google+ OLDSMOOC Community for a chat...we can motivate each other.

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