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Week 2 Story Development

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Sheila Drew
16 January 2013

This is Week 2 of the OLDS MOOC. Anyone in the Saide study circle for Story Development who does an activity or activities in Week 2 will post a comment / embed something / link to something / add resources / etc. to this cloud. 'Follow' this week if you would like to see everyone's engagements.

Don't forget to reflect in your journal this week too.

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Sheila Drew
12:51pm 17 January 2013

Looking at the activity overview for week 2 I think that it may be really useful for us to try and do all 7 activities this week. But we are told that this could take up to 8 hours, which I doubt any of us have. Let's see how it goes, but perhaps we can delegate amongst us?

I am going to try and do activities 1, 2 and 3 on Thursday.

Sheila Drew
2:23pm 17 January 2013

I have made an initial attempt at a scenario for our story development course for Week 2 Activity 2. I have put it on googledocs, but I have no idea if I have done it correctly, so please let me know if you cannot access it. It is at

Please read it and give feedback, contribute, etc.

I think it does, or should, help us to think about our target audience and the purpose of the course in relation to each other.

Joshua Underwood
3:06pm 17 January 2013

Great Sheila. That link isn't publicly visible, not sure if you want it to be?

Possibly you need (in GoogleDocs) to click on the blue share button (top right) and decide who to share with and what rights to give them. You can also click the change link in the pop up you get to set who can see and edit it.

You can also go to Publish in the File menu and start publishing if you want others to be able to see the scenario. When you do that you will get a link you can copy to past here so we can see it.

Or you can add embedded content to this cloud and provide that link.

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