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Lesley's learning journey, 16th January 2013

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Lesley Shield
16 January 2013

I fear I'm losing enthusiasm. The initial excitement of checking to see what's going on each day in terms of comments and discussions is wearing off. I think this is possibly due to two factors:

  1. I'm not totally engaged by the topic of 'learning design' - 'gaming design' would do it for me, but 'learning design'? Not so much.
  2. The daily schedule. I feel pressurised by the daily message, pressurised by the expectation that I'll do x, y and z on Day n, regardless of my personal circumstances. I know we can do what we can do as and when, but the repeated comments along the lines of 'you can work alone but the experience is far better if you work in groups' is, in itself, putting pressure on me. Am I a 'failure' if I don't work colleaboratively? If I can't fit sufficient time into my schedule to keep up? It certainly feels that way.

Now, I know the intention is that we all do what we want to do at our own pace. I wonder, though, how many other participants (how many of the 1000+ on the list are actively participating at this stage?) feel as pressured into participating as I do? And are we making the time because this is a trial? And if we make that time, as I mentioned yesterday, will the designers see that as meaning that it's reasonable to expect us to be able to do all these activities in the short time available for each? Will their view of what happens be skewed by that? And will that affect their design in future?

Working with students totally online, I know, for instance, that you need to allow at least 10 days - 2 weeks if you ask them to form groups; and that's when they know each other, having worked together for some weeks before being asked to group! How then, can we, here, form groups in a day or two? Is shared interest actually sufficient? We need time to form, storm, and norm before performing, and I feel that I haven't got the space to do that.

Let's hope I'm just going through the 'dip' that often happens in online learning (often just after the first assignment!) and that my initial enthusiasm and interest return.

One thing's sure; I have less than no interest in obtaining a 'badge', though some recognition for the effort we're all putting in would be nice. I am, however, quite interested in the concept of 'badges' and how/if they can be made to seem attractive. I think I'll do some research on that today.

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