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João Henriques - My story in OLDS MOOC so far

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João Henriques
16 January 2013

My experience in OLDS MOOC, so far, has been a great adventure. I had never participated in any MOOC and this is all new to me. I've been feeling a little lost. I try to do whatever I am asked for but I cannot reach everything and everywhere at once.

Apart from this constant sense of disorientation has been a very enriching experience. I started a day later and missed the official opening. I started by doing what I was told. I began to create an account on Cloudworks. After that I started to introduce myself and said what I hope from this MOOC – What is my dream.

I joined some to colleagues who had a working group on Google Groups. Also attended a debate forum on the topic "what does design mean for you learning?"

It's a new experience and it has been interesting although, sometimes, I feel a little lost, has been productive and I think that had been time well spent.

Let’s go to week two, I’m waiting.


João Henriques

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