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OLDS MOOC Learning Journal-Dan McCaffrey

What it says on the tin, folks!

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Dan McCaffrey
16 January 2013

As per instructions..."create a Cloud in that Cloudscape to act as your OLDS-MOOC learning journal (or you can use another blogging tool if you prefer). Post a first entry there, introducing yourself, and add that cloud to this cloudscape".

I'm Dan, I work as a eLearning/TEL adviser for the JISC Regional Support Centre South West.  JISC fund this MOOC, but the Regional Support Centres have historically had a role in supporting the development and implementation of Technology into post-compulsory educational environements, with a particualr focus on the FE and skills milieu. 

I have worked as an eLearning/TEL adviser for longer than I care to recall, with the majortiy of support focussed on the HE sector, predominantly on HE delivered within a Further Education context.  I am new to the world of MOOC's but hope to begin developing awareness via participation in this course, in order to avail my providers with a greater sense of there purpose and efficacy. 

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