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Lefay's OLDS Learning Journal

My reflections during the OLDS MOOC

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Sarah Le-Fevre
16 January 2013


I am a Simulation Designer working for a company which designs, creates and delivers learning in the areas of Financial and Business Acumen, Strategic Planning and Decision Making, Change and Leadership.  I am a member of the IFL, having gained QTLS in 2010.

I am also a serial MOOC participant (particularly Coursera MOOCs) and see massive potential for MOOCs within the workplace learning I am involved with.  

While I am working in business learning at the moment, I have no particular attachment to any particular subject are, and am far more interested in the process of learning than in the subject being learnt.  I am particularly attracted by the use of games and simulations in experiential learning.

I am hoping to get a good grounding in the principles of good design for MOOCs as a result of participating in this course, and maybe, also, to become involved in a project which may become a real world application.


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