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Susanne's reflections on Week 1 - "my story"

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Susanne Winchester
16 January 2013

I am still finding it a bit difficult to navigate my way around and still get confused about "clouds" and "cloudscapes". I am familiar with the translation MOOC the OU ran a month or so ago and found it an easier platform.

It has been interesting to reflect on what learning design is and it has been fascinating and inspiring to read other participants' dream projects.

I have unfortunately not linked up with anyone (yet) but will pursue my proposal just to experience learning design first hand.

On a different level, I enjoy the experience of using tools I have never tried out (I am really impressed with google hangouts).

I am interested to see what challenges Week 2 will throw up!

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Valentina Dodge
7:09pm 16 January 2013

Hi Susanne

Nice to read your story and visit your clouds. My week has been very similar so comforting to be exploring and stumbling in these new cloudscapes together!

One of my "dream" proposals is also about cultural awareness for language learners so perhaps we can share  and bounce ideas. I'm still in two minds about the dreams but seeing the overlap and language learning focus has increased my own interest.

I haven't finished all week 1 tasks - I keep meandering off (perhaps off course but there are so many interesting threads) must get more disciplined before wwek 2 otherwise I could very easily get lost...


Susanne Winchester
5:35pm 17 January 2013

Hi Valerie

Great to hear that you are also thinking about a project on cultural awareness. Even if we don't end up collaborating it would be great to get occasional feedback. I do think though that if you want to form a "group" that we could brainstorm on design principles, i.e. what should the course contain, what pathways, which tools and platform etc.

What other "dream" did you have?

Valentina Dodge
6:58pm 18 January 2013

Hi Susanne,

Sorry not to get back to you yesterday but I've had some other tight deadlines.

My other dream proposal is blended learning design for / by / with teachers (see cloud )

Running late with the end of week 1 / beginning of week 2 tasks but will try to catch up tomorrow and see what groups are around. Let me know if you have formed one with Mark ( or Lesley or others?

Have a great Friday (evening?),


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