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Lefay's Dream MOOC - Onboarding in a corporate environment

My proposal for a MOOC to be used in Corporate settings for Induction and Onboarding

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Sarah Le-Fevre
16 January 2013

I am proposing the use of the kinds of technologies and infrastructure currently used in MOOCs, but this environment would not be 'Open' but restricted to a cohort of new starters and other interested parties (line management, mentors, trainers etc.) within a business.

Your situation (context)

The target audience for this project are corporate new starters, so the learning environment would ideally be any device which they could access within their working day, at home or while travelling.  This should be truly mobile, device independent and with content that can be accessed in very small time chunks as well as more demanding activities.

Engagement is a major consideration with existing onboarding and induction programmes, so this should be at the heart of this application.  To that end, experiential learning, focussing on simulations, models and games, would be extensively used.  It is also envisaged that the platform itself should be gamified to maximise engagement.

The change you would like to see (challenge)

This MOOC should go beyond the traditional learning outcomes of an induction / onboarding programme, and also serve as a knowledge base and a platform for best practice sharing.  As such it should allow (encourage) submissions from participants and remain after the onboarding period ans a resource for the whole business to access and use.


How you might go about bringing that change

I want this to be highly experiential, but have not currently given a great deal of thought to the technologies to implement this.  This is what I wish to explore during this MOOC.


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Joshua Underwood
10:14am 17 January 2013

Did you see Xin's dream, there might be some synergies there? There seems to be a team forming around that if you look at the discussion there...

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