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Will Pollard Learning Journal Week One - Initiate

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Will Pollard
16 January 2013

I think this has been a classic week. Not sure why. Partly just emerging from holiday drift but mostly I think there has been a shift in the positioning of web resources. Surveys show that most kids wanted a tablet as a present. Whether they got one I don't know. There were reassuring announcements on book sales. But now HMV is in trouble.

Cloudworks is falling over due to massiveness, but the OU must be confident to want to try out the limits.

I do find the different platforms hard to follow. Different clouds for different purposes. Twitter and YouTube easier to use. A lot to get used to - Bibsonomy still not absorbed.

I don't think my questions on theory have got through yet. Maybe later. I would welcome a lot more on what design science is. I come across the same words in management but I'm not sure the theory is the same. (My colleague Linda Shelton is updating the cloud on Design Science though she is not on the course)

Also the set and project approach is very like Action Learning. Though I don't find this in the theory references. There is a LinkedIn group for the International Foundation for Action Learning, current question "What is absolutely essential for an effective set?"

It was good to hear in the video that forming groups for projects is expected to take a while. I am continuing the video production even with a very small group. I may get some interest from Facebook. It seems ok to involve a local support or whatever. Since so many bits and pieces of social media are in use this seems likely to happen anyway.

I am also going to explore Google+ . I use gmail and some other bits but so far have not replied. I suspect Google has just raided my email list but I could be wrong, there may be more to this. The video of the hangout works very well.

I am going to follow the digital literacy and virtual worlds projects but not sure how much I can contribute.

This MOOC is not what I expected. In new jargon I now think I had heard about an x-MOOC, transmission of existing knowledge. I had no idea a project or p-MOOC could be designed as massive. Still not sure how it will work out.


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