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OLDS MOOC Study Group: Literature, Technology and Collaborative Writing

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Alisha Portolese
16 January 2013

For anyone, anywhere in the world who is participating in the OLDS MOOC 2013 and isinterested in literature, technology and collaborative writing.

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Keylor Murillo Moya
11:52pm 18 January 2013 (Edited 7:15pm 19 January 2013)

Hello Alisha,

I've just seen your post. I have started this MOOC a bit late, but if you're still looking for people interested in your area I would like to join in. I studied literature (Latin Ameriaca and Spain) and theory of literature. It would be interesting to design a project about collaborative reading and writing.

My name is Keylor and I am from Costa Rica. I live in the UK.


Alisha Portolese
2:36pm 19 January 2013

Sure, of course you can join us - the more the merrier :) It sounds like I could learn a lot from you regarding your specialization in literature .... I'm currently working on my Masters in Learning Sciences and Technology and I'm coming from a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Neuroscience.

Please feel free to add any content you think is relevant in our study circle!

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