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Learning Journal - Niall Watts - Reflections on Week 1

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Niall Watts
16 January 2013

Projects: Along with the Food 4 Thought team, I have discussed some ideasfor projects. I would like to do a project in a domain other than educational technology and we in UCD have developed many OERs in a range of disciplines. However, as my own expertise is not in these disciplines it is hard/impossible to build learning activites around them. So the dream project and the team project will have to part here (I think)

Grand Challenges:  According to the Larnaca Declaration challenges facing educators

  1. Becoming more effective in their preparation and facilitation of teaching and learning activities
  2. Using new teaching ideas to take them beyond their traditional approaches
  3. Using technology to assist them without undermining them
  4. Preparing learners for the world that awaits them

In particular, the challenge facing Learning Design is to “create learning experiences aligned to particular pedagogical values and objectives". To do this it provides a descriptive framework.  I am somewhat familiar with IMS Learning Design as a technical language for implementing such frameworks. As far as I know it is not widely used in practice.



Learning Design seems to be based on the concept of building templates for learning activities that can be shared and reused. It seems a straightforward idea. Let's see how it works in practice.


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