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Valentina: Dream 1: Blended learning flow

Professional development - loop support

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Valentina Dodge
16 January 2013


Working with educators to create hybrid learning programmes for adults / university learners who are primarily studying English in public / private sector. Educators come from a mixture of techno-comfort and techno-experience.


Allow educators to first experience new flow and online opportunities for their own professional development. Allow educators to become familiar with web-based learning spaces. Provide areas to share learning sequences, patterns, frameworks, successful design narratives.


Share. Hand-holding. Spaces. Flexibility.

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Valentina Dodge
17:42 on 16 January 2013

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Rima Malek
1:20pm 24 January 2013

Hello Valentina,

I'm Rima and I share same interests as you. In fact I work too with educators and I use blended learning.


Valentina Dodge
7:05pm 24 January 2013

Thanks for dropping by Rima. Super to hear your "context" is similar. I haven't had time to work on week 2 or even look at week 3 but I'll try to find time over the next few days. Have you already got  or joined a learning circle.

I don't know much about education, training and blended learning in Lebanon so I look forward to your clouds, tweets and reflections.

Good luck with the next set of tasks,


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