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Valentina: Dream 2: Massive Transcultural Awareness project

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Valentina Dodge
16 January 2013


University language students . I teach at the University of Naples L'Orientale in southern Italy and my English language students (3rd year BA and 2nd year MA) all go abroad to complete their studies. There are many ERASMUS or foreign exchange projects.


Increase cultural exchanges / awareness among language learners. Allocating time and web space to share deeper and more meaningful aspects of their culture.

Course would record, explore, reflect on attitudes, customs, ways of life and move beyond the cultural "tokenism" common on language courses which might only cover surface issues such as gift-giving, tipping, or different concepts of time.


Via social media spaces, LMS or learner/class blogs. Organically grow the syllabus around the learning groups. Ongoing course content that can be mixed and matched / design to allow course to re-useable for next group.

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Susanne Winchester
8:26am 22 January 2013

I like the sound of your "dream"! Have you got any further with this? I am interested to see how you are going to develop this further.


Valentina Dodge
2:15pm 22 January 2013

Thanks Susanne, I've been delayed by a series of things that cropped up over the weekend and the start of this week. Hope to get back into the swing and delelop this idea further.

I've got several pencil-scribbled notes and am now going to start week 2 (I know, I know). How are you getting on? Have you joined any circles?


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