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Chris's Learning - Week 1

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Chris Basson
16 January 2013

To go into depth about this week's learning is no small task. It was a really exciting but also a very taxing week. It was marked by a shift in a number of paradigms, unlike most weeks. Life truly is exciting.

For the first part my learning was marked by my role as a member of a MOOK. This is my first one and so different from the traditional online course. I had to learn about dealing with the ambiguity of defining and creating my own structure, by getting into a project and a study circle. It was not an easy experience but what I have learned that I as well as other people can be left to our own devices to take charge of their own learning. As content designer I mostly create the structure for learners but I have learned not to make learning as comfortable as possible can lead to a different level of learning. To create structure for yourself forces you out of your comfort zone and into a situation that is suited for learning to take place.

My paradigms was shifted again as I was confronted with the idea that Learning Design (LD) is a much broader field than I originally anticipated. I was introduced to a number of new concepts like that LD can be pedagogically neutral, that Granularity needs to be taken into account and that the role of the facilitator from knowledge expert to learning designer. To mention every bit of learning is impossible but at the end of week 1 I feel excited about the next couple of weeks. I am just concerned that I will not have sufficient time to invest in the weeks to come. 

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Chris Basson
11:14am 17 January 2013

working through "A History of Instructional Design and Technology: Part II: A History of Instructional Design" I realised that speaking from a South African corporate perspective we are still strugling to come to grips with ID issues if the 90s and 80s. Wow we are laging!

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