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ChristophHewett - Introducing myself (hi!)

I'm a Tall INTJ Melburnian (Australia). Passionate, eclectic & social. Occasionally mindful, often active. Always curious.

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Christoph Hewett
16 January 2013

I am currently between job and passionate about pursuing a career in Learning & Development (especially utilising the potential of technology). TO this end I'm doing four EduTech MOOCs concurrently. #oldsmooc, #etmooc, #edcmooc & #foemooc. If you're doing any or all of these, say hi.

My aspiration is to use OLDSMOOC to help develop an online course structure for Ethics Training, just becasue it is a passion of mine. 

Seeking any project teams or study groups. While I love networking internationally I do have a preferance for team/groups that are local (tiimezones and all). Is there anyone in Australia or SE Asia/Pacific region?

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