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Team Lost Overview - OLDSMOOC Week 1 (and 2!)

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Helen Whitehead
16 January 2013

Google Group for Team Lost - please join

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New members welcome - sign up below or via the thread in OLDSMOOC Google group or to Helen Whitehead directly.

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Core motivations

  • A team for those floundering a bit in OLDSMOOCand not sure how to or how much to take part. 
  • Self -help and mutual support
  • Members of this team may have different projects and people are welcome to bring their individual projects for critique OR to have no project and just join in discussions and feedback to others..

All welcome who would like to participate in OLDSMOOC but aren't sure how - let's help each other!


Enquiring minds involved in teaching and learning and with some ideas about learning design and an urge to develop skills in the area


To learn something from OLDSMOOC that we can apply


Our cloudscape

Extra content

Team Lost Google Group:!forum/team-lost-olds-mooc

Paul Jinks
14:44 on 18 January 2013

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Paul Jinks
4:34pm 17 January 2013

Team Lost! That's a great idea. How do I join? 

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like finding somewhere to belong and people to talk to in any kind of learning is really important.

Hopefully I'll get the hang of this, but at the moment I do indeed feel lost. 

My dream is likely to come true since it has some institutional backing btw. 


Helen Whitehead
9:36am 18 January 2013 (Edited 9:38am 18 January 2013)

Welcome to Team Lost, Paul.

I think your project of an open course to support application to dentistry is an excellent idea. There's loads of resources out there for medical students but not so much for dentistry and this way you boost recruitment as well.  My personal project on assessment in MOOCs might well be relvant to that.  Happy to give you feedback as we go through this course.

I've given you admin rights on the Team Lost cloudscape




Diane Brewster
11:09am 18 January 2013

Hi Helen

I would like to use this team to orientate myself within the MOOC and re-engage.  I'm not finding it compelling or engaging ATM - which I find interesting in itself!


Helen Whitehead
11:29am 18 January 2013

That's exactly why I created this Team Lost, Diane

I am highly motivated but I found week 1 very frustrating and dispiriting - until I formed this team and found others in the same position. Hopefully we can keep one another motivated if nothing else!



Sue Watling
12:52pm 18 January 2013

Here is the power of digital teaching and learning! We can twist and turn things to suit. Team Lost is an excellent idea. For me. the whole Cloudworks initiation was a serious barrier and the multiplicity platforms with no single communication channel which I could use to get established was frustrating. I've stayed with it because the potential affordances of MOOCs are worth the experience and working outside your comfort zone can be a valuable experience (although usually with hindsight rather than at the time!)

If anyone is interested in a DIY approach to Multimedia for teaching and learning please do feel free to call by the Google Group at!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia.  

Helen, if there's anything I can do to support Team Lost please do let me know :-) 

Paul Jinks
1:22pm 18 January 2013

Hi Helen

Thanks for the offer to look over our MOOC - I'll take you up on that!  So far our vision is little more than a set of materials and activities; I think we're clearer on the materials than the activities, but I think they will emerge as we start to build prototypes. We're testing Canvas as a VLE since it's open and it would appear that you can embed Google services and social media easily (we'll see). We're keen to explore the potential of SoMe. 

Most of our experience is with fairly traditional VLE based learning with the occasional foray into Google Docs. One of the reasons I'm here is to pick up good ideas!

Best wishes


Paul Jinks
2:43pm 18 January 2013

I created a Team Lost Google Group:!forum/team-lost-olds-mooc

One interesting - and useful - subject we are well placed to discuss is how online learning in general and MOOCs in particular can engender feelings of displacement and confusion and what learning designers do that makes this worse or better. 

Maybe such feelings are an essential part of learning, but if so, how do we help learners manage them? 

Sandie Gay
3:24pm 18 January 2013

Hi guys

It's great to find you all as I am in the same situation.  Some of my problem is that I don't have as much time as I would like to work things out so have been blundering through different links to see if I might achieve the 'ah ha' moment......not going to happen anytime soon! 

Still, pleased to find you so I can find some respite in my hopeless wondering in the clouds!

As Sue has said, the plethera of communications and channels were a bit overwhelming.  It is good to get a summary from the OU team though so at least I know what's going on and where I'm supposed to be even if I'm not quite there yet.

Are we meant to 'talk & discuss' using the google groups link that you have created now, Paul?




Roger Merritt
10:05am 19 January 2013

Hello 'team lost'. Good to have found you as I too have been struggling to get engaged with this MOOC and the plethora of communication channels. I'd be sad to lose this opportunity as I do have a project challenge which is not just about learning design, nor about suitable online tools for learning delivery and support (though I'm keen to discuss Canvas with Paul), but also about how to turn more conventional 'distance learning' models of production on their head yet still develop sustainable, high quality courses leading to external accreditation - which self- funding adult learners are willing to pay for? Anyone interested? Roger

Gill Windall
8:30am 20 January 2013

Hello everyone,

Great idea - thanks Helen.  I'd like to join please.   I've been using the course calendar and messages in the google open discussion forum as a handrail to keep a feeling of orientation and direction but get lost when I wander away from that.  As others have noted the floundering and wandering can itself be interesting and productive but having people in a similar situation with whom to touch base and share experiences is a very attractive idea.

I am trying a bit half-heartedly to pursue an project of my own.  Maybe a bit too narrow (supporting learners wanting to take industry IT certifications) to have attracted team members which is fine but would be happy to swap reviews at least with others with solo projects.


Helen Whitehead
11:18am 20 January 2013 (Edited 10:22pm 20 January 2013)

Hi Roger & Gill

and welcome to Team Lost :)

Roger how do you want to "turn more conventional 'distance learning' models of production on their head"?  I'd be interested to hear more about what you see as 'conventional'  and hoow you'd like to do it!

Gill, yes, feel free to share your project, at whatever stage of development that you would like feedback.

If anyone has time to comment so far here is Gill's scenario post

Gill W: Scenarios for project to support students studying for Microsoft Certifications

Here's to not feeling so lost!


Julie Pisano
5:44am 21 January 2013

Hi Helen & others,

I've been reading some of the posts to this cloud ... I'm reassured that I'm not the only one who is lost.

At the risk of creating a group too big ... I'm interested in joining your discussions.

My project is quite small - I'm looking at developing an online learning program for corporate environment about "Meetings in the workplace - planning & admin tasks for meetings, being a participant or chairperson".  Currently these are face-to-face programs but as we are geographically spread throughout many states in Australia, we are looking at taking a number of ftf programs into the online environment - Moodle.

I'm a bit of a lurker in these types of experiences and also don't have a lot of time ... although I'm trying to spend about a day a week on this program.

This is some further information about me ...


Roger Merritt
11:31am 21 January 2013

Hi Helen, thanks for the more focussed question! I need to articulate my challenge so this is as good a place to start as any!

I'm currently working with client that has been providing distance learning courses for many years (50 years in fact this year). Most courses lead to external examination for recognised qualifications below degree level. The course materials are largely text - sometime with ancillary textbook(s), so delivered to learners by post, even to those overseas. Tutor support comes primarily through feedback on written assignments again by post or more often, through a bespoke LMS (which has some chatroom facility although rarely used).

So 'convential DL models' means 2 things:

(1) the pedagogic model is that the 'content' of the courses - the knowledge, understanding, skills development etc. is primarily contained in the course pack. These are well designed and engaging with clear objectives, case studies/scenarios where appropriate, SAQs and the assignments. Experienced tutors point towards further reading - but rarely online. Most students have no peer contact whatsoever.

(2) the business model is that the course development is a very high up fron fixed cost which has to achieve a ROI through course fees from a target number of learners. 

Did I mention that the client is a self- financing charitable trust and that most learners are self-financing?

So with very little investment now available for course revisions as exam specifations change in 2014, and no  money for new courses to be developed, how can this organisation use online learning to put intself on a more sustainable footing? Can it be done if fact?

I think that's my current project in a nutshell....

I started a Cloud here


Helen Whitehead
12:32pm 22 January 2013

Welcome Julie and Sandie

Looking forward to chatting with you!


Patricia Gandara De Marshall
2:23pm 22 January 2013


I think this is the opportunity for me to participate and dont fell so lonely.

From the beginning I was feeling that I want to follow the mooc but since then I dont feel I am learning.

I am really lost, so I believe that being part of a team would help me.

I hope I can join the TL¡ (team lost)

Patricia from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Helen Whitehead
4:57pm 22 January 2013

Hello Patricia and welcome to Team Lost.  Hope to hear more from you


Kaska Hempel
6:26pm 22 January 2013

Hi Helen and the Lost,

Can I join in too? Just started and finding it hard to find any other teams - also probably not going to do my own project but would love to contribute to feedback on those by others!!!



Helen Whitehead
11:30pm 24 January 2013

Do join us, Kaska  Google Group for Team Lost - please join 

or just go ahead and browse Team Lost's porftolios, learning jouranls and projects - your feedback will be very welcome!


Helen Whitehead
10:42pm 29 January 2013

How is everyone? Still lost?


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