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Clouded thoughts about week 1

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Irmgard Huppe
16 January 2013

Why choosing this title? It's because I didn't keep up at all with the week 1 agenda of OLD MOOCS. I don't have a team yet! I didn't mind-map my dream design! I don't even have a dream design! Just a project, which is part of the long list of things I would really like to do as part of my day job. The project has its roots in my daily attempt to achieve something different in the midst of plodding on with serving others. The 'something different' was the dream of creating engaging triggers for learning resources in health care. In reality, my job is mostly about: being in the 'support staff' section, which entails responding to all sorts of weird and wonderful (and tedious) requests regarding technologies (or rather 'not coping with digital technologies') you could think of. Or better 'not think of'.

Hence I'm rather lost in these clouds. I do not request a badge. I didn't even manage to figure out what this badge thing is about. But I'm sure I read somewhere that I should write down my reflections on week 1 - here they are :-). And then, there was something about badges in this context, I think.

I'd be more interested in figuring out why on earth it seems so difficult for me to find my way in cloudworks. Lots of contributions from fellow cloudworkers in different spaces, but it seems a bit of pot luck to find out if there's anyone else wanting to work on 'engaging triggers' in healthcare, or even just on 'creating digital triggers', because there isn't a search function? Or did I miss it?

I did try another mooc before, and I didn't get anywhere with it at all. This time at least I did make a start. While writing this (at 20.52pm UK time) I see emails from my 2 email systems popping up, my husband comes in to ask me about different lighting systems, I do want to shorten a pair of trousers which would be incredibly useful to brace the sub zero temperatures we currently have in the UK, there's loads of dry washing behind me waiting to be sorted (my study doubles up as drying room, because it's in the attic ...), I promised someone to do 'just a little cover design' for a DVD which is supposed to be done by the end of this week, I'm thinking of my the new years message to my German friends I still haven't written nor sent, the photos from summer holidays in Italy are waiting to be posted to Flickr (oh, bliss: 2 weeks holidays without internet connection!!!). Probably it's just the same for everyone else trying to work in this mooc, and I'm wondering if I should hit the 'Create Cloud' button at all, because this whole ranting is a bit counterproductive, and ridiculous.  I could have spent the 5 minutes it took me to write this rant to work on one the tasks. I should have, really. But I haven't, because I needed to get this off my chest, and I'm going to hit the 'create cloud' button. I do!!!



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Joe Nicholls
11:02pm 16 January 2013

Yes, I agree. It's all rather confusing at times and quite challenging juggling life to participate. I must admit to being a little emotionally drawn at the moment myself with two children revising and doing exams. They come first don't they. I'm still trying to get a feel for Cloudworks, what to use and when. But does it really matter? You do what you can and get out of it what you can. There are no expectations other than your own … which I suspect, like mine, are probably too high. Dip in as and when you can, find what you can of any value, and treat it as a learning opportunity on your terms. Hang in there Irmgard. Joe

Suzanne Aurilio
11:42pm 16 January 2013

I'd like to gently suggest this: rant. But let's call it something else. Don't ask me what, though. I have no children, no lawn to mow or cat to feed and I'm still increasingly unwilling to have to learn how to do something as part and parcel of doing it. This is what technology seems to offer, at a relentless pace. 

I'm not as willing as I was, say even last year to mess around with technology to accomplish my goals. Technology-using should not be my goal. I will not change my goal, I will change technology. I'll avoid technology that takes up too much space. I'll avoid situations that are not well-designed. 

Time is my guage. 

"Why doesn't this text-editor have spell check", I noticed the other day? No I don't think I've missed it. It should be right there, on the tool bar like every other tool bar. This is a design flaw. If I wanted to appear erudite (did I spell that right?) I'd have to spell-check my stuff somewhere else. It's at least 5 steps more. I just read that "sitting is our generation's smoking";  the last thing I want to do is sit here another 5 steps.  

So much of the technology we're asked and told to use puts us in this situation. Technology that prevents, prohibits, disables, underpromises, annoys, frustrates, is not well-designed. 

So by pointing out what's wrong with it, we're not ranting we're contributing to improvements. 


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