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TerryDP: My dream "get faculty to think beyond the video lecture" learning design project

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Terry Di Paolo
16 January 2013

The situation

I recently moved to the USA. Most of the conversations I've had on campuses (both private and public) focus on the potential of online learning but there is limited experience/knowledge of delivering mass online learning. Videoed lectures appear to dominate common mass-online practice but getting faculty to think about how to engage students in the experience, how the course experience is part of a broader qualification experience or the need to consider assessment (formative and summative) as part of that course/qualification experience is challenging. Additionally, whilst faculty are keen to share the outcomes of research with the wider academic community the sharing of best-practice in terms of teaching is limited.

The project I would be interested in would 

  • get faculty to think about the role of online delivery in the qualification/course
  • get faculty across institutions sharing experiences/best practices
  • offer bitesized guidance for often time poor faculty

The change you would like to see

A resource site and maybe community building site that would encourage the sharing of online practice beyond the video-lecture

How might you go about bringing that change

Not sure - conversations with faculty suggest they'll give something new 10-15 minutes and come back to it if it proves useful. 

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Bet B
6:12am 17 January 2013

It is interesting to me that we do continue to replicate (as nearly as possible) face-to-face learning in the online environment (e.g lectures > video lectures) when we have so many technologies that can help us do so much more.  I wish you success in your endeavor to get faculty to see beyond the video lecture format.

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