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Peter MORTIMER: My dream: getting online learners to communicate with each other

Organizing coursework to generate dialogue between learners

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16 January 2013

"Present talking is future thinking" (Barnes et al, 1969, p126) 

I discovered this simple yet tremendously far-reaching concept while studying for my MA in Distance Education, back in 2001, via a paper by Dr David McConnell, Computer Supported Cooperatve Learning (see link above).

Starting with this premiss, I'd like to explore how to encourage "present talking" in online learning environments with an aim to generating that "future thinking"...

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Iwona G
7:29pm 24 January 2013

Hi Peter, It seems we are heading in a similar direction. I am also interested in increasing the peer2peer learning amongst our online learners. Are you a part of a study group somewhere?

9:55pm 24 January 2013 (Edited 10:00pm 24 January 2013)

Hello Iwona

It was good to read you. I'm afraid my workload at the office hasn't enabled me to take part in the MOOC as much as I had intended. Your post has prompted me to stay up late though and reply! (It's 11pm over here ;-)

No, I'm not in a study group yet. I will have a good look this Saturday and see where I can get involved. Or maybe you and I could start to put something together around the theme of stimulating dialogue in a peer2peer learning context?...

Speak again soon then, at the weekend.

All the best, Peter

Iwona G
2:56am 27 January 2013

Hi Peter,

For some reason I did not receive a notification of your reply. But, here I am. Where do we start, Peter? What are your thoughts?

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