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Ann Davis' Learning Journal

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Ann Davis
17 January 2013

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Week One - This is the first MOOC that I have participated in, and other than trying to figure out how clouds and cloudworks work, I am having a pretty good time.

So far the best has been reading and comments on all of the "dreams".  It is wonderful to read all of the wonderful ideas out there!

Ann Davis
01:45 on 17 January 2013

Week Two - Got with my group and we all felt we were behind a bit, many having issues trying to get everything set up correctly.  Most of my efforts will be on the weekends.

Attended the live hangout session yesterday - it did answer some of the questions that I have for the course. I think I will make an effort to attend live, or view the recordings of the upcoming sessions.

Did a little bit better on completing tasks this week, primarily due to work schedule being slightly more flexible.  However, still struggling with the technology a bit, finding some items not as intuitive as I would like.

Ann Davis
18:15 on 19 January 2013 (Edited 13:05 on 23 January 2013)

Week Three:

So far the items in Activity 2 have been wonderful.  For those who are visual, the cards are a wonderful way to balance the activities and tasks that you want our of a course.

Ann Davis
15:30 on 26 January 2013

Week 4: I was actually quite excited about the feedback that I got on my design and glad to know that i gave others something to really think about. 

Ann Davis
18:02 on 17 February 2013

Week 5: For the prototype activity, I wasn't quite sure the best way to handle it.  After viewing others, I decided to simply list out the details of the activity and optional ways that it could be handled. 

Ann Davis
18:05 on 17 February 2013 (Edited 18:05 on 17 February 2013)

Week 6:  I really enjoyed looking for a variety of open resources.  I think that I was able to contribute a further list of resources for the other students in the class.  The really nice thing about this MOOC is that there students from across the globe and because we are from different locations, and many of us use different search engines, the list of resources will continue to expand greatly.

Ann Davis
18:11 on 17 February 2013

Week 7: Evaluation is one of my personal favorites things to do.  I like to confirm that everything is on target, and if not, find a solution.

Ann Davis
16:25 on 23 February 2013

Week 8

See my comments here.

Ann Davis
16:38 on 2 March 2013

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