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Hweeshan's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal: Week 1 - Reflections

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Tay Hwee Shan
17 January 2013

Referring to my Learning Objectives set earlier:

1. Get familiar with Cloudworks
Have I done it? Maybe, but I must say that Cloudworks need some improvement in UI/UX, or maybe clearer instructions on what exactly can/cannot be done. It's a little difficult visualising the Clouds/Cloudscapes the way they are now.

2. Find a project group and/or study circle
Have I done it? In progress...

3. Get a broad overview of what Learning Design means in this MOOC
Have I done it? Watched the video and learnt about the sequencing (Initiate -> Inquire -> ... -> Reflect...). It is something new that I have not encountered within my short time dealing with Learning Design, and I look forward to how each of these processes are implemented and delivered. The idea of "Design" as making stuff better rather than making good stuff, it was the first time I've heard this definition, yet so common sensical that I agree with.

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