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Reflection on oldsmooc_w1 by Arthur Oglesby

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Art Oglesby
17 January 2013

When I entered the OLDSMOOC arena on Day 1, it was dark. Who else was here.

The introductory YouTube provided some illumination. Participants began to show themselves. I decide to show myself too.

My dream is to help design a "Digital Literacy" MOOC that is really MASSIVE (millions or hopefully BILLIONS of participants).
Sorry to be shouting but I am so excited by the MOOC concept, that if properly designed could scale to world changing proportions.
When I realized my words were being seen by 1000+ participants in the "Summaryofday1" tears blurred my vision.
Each day I worked on the assigned tasks. More time was spent learning how to use the tools than in creating content but I liked the new tools. I started a Digital Literacy Map  and discovered WallWisher. It seems much nicer than Google Docs for collaboration.
Also, I especially appreciate how our facilitators are noticing and encouraging our work. Teaming up and sharing is going to be greaat fun. Looking forward to week 2.
Arthur Oglesby  (ARTiFactor)

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