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Iwona's Week 1 No-dream Wrap-up

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Iwona G
17 January 2013


Yes, no dream yet. Haven't joined a project or a study circle either. But, I am pretty sure I have just successfully completed Week 1 of the OLDSMOOC. I will base my success on my objectives.


  • Start on time, follow the week and wrap up on time.


Yes, very simple.


  • I did #CCK12 for credit so I completed it within the course time frame. 
  • I signed up for 'Think Again: How to Reason and Argue' via Coursera and fell behind very quickly. At this point, I am 6 wks behind. I'm not even dreaming of catching up.


So, this time in #oldsmooc, my primary goal is to complete each week within the given time frame.

So far I like how OLDSMOOC is organized with weekly activities chunked down into daily activities. That's unusual for a MOOC, but to be honest, quite helpful. That said, I can still skip the suggested timetable and follow my own nomadic way of picking learning leaves from the massive oldsmooc tree. I do appreciate an attempt to structure the rhizomatic 'networked' learning opportunity this course provides. (I hope I have understood the rhizomatic learning idea well- this term is my biggest discovery of Week 1).

The synchronous #oldsmooc_conv was a great place to be on a Tuesday morning at 6 am. Inspiring discussions around virtual dream bazaars and digital divide...

Having achieved my personal objectives, I feel I deserve a badge:)


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