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Meg's week 1 reflections

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Meg Colasante
17 January 2013

Did I survive week 1?

Yes, I’ve survived week 1 of the OLDS MOOC, but perhaps barely, as I have only had time for the bare minimum. My life gets busier as of next week, so ‘bare minimum’ might unfortunately become my standard in this MOOC!

For example, I have not been able to exactly follow the daily activities on the days set out. I actually don’t know if this is actually realistic? Some of us also have Australian (or other) time differences to contend with, e.g.: it’s Thursday afternoon here, but emails etc. prompt Weds activities (which I am doing now after completing a few that were meant to be done before Weds…). We likely each have days that are not conducive to add any personal study into; some might pack all their weekly study into a Sunday, or a fortnight of study into a weekend? Should this matter? I guess it does if you need ppl to move along somewhat together to enable collaboration and learning from each other, but I do hope (and it seems to be OK) that you can get to the activities during one’s best time to catch-up on study as long as it keeps reasonable pace with any study buddies you are teamed up with.

Week 1 Activities – did I get them done?

Planned for Thursday:

1. watch video introduction

2. Introduce yourself

3. Set up your personal workspace

4. Set your personal learning objectives week 1.


Completed (not necessarily on ‘correct’ day…):

  1. Done.
  2. Done ( & in Introductions Cloudspace).
  3. Done ( ).
  4. Done ( ).

Planned for Friday:

5a. View / discuss presentation intro learning design for the OLDS MOOC

5b. Dreambazaar: share your ideas for a learning design project, and review your peer's ideas.

Completed (not necessarily on ‘correct’ day…):

  1. a. Attempted (audio and visual issues – I couldn’t view it successfully)
    b. Done ( and copied to Dreambazaar).

Planned for Weekend:

6. Team up! form a team for your learning design project.

7. Find (or start) a study circle.

Completed (not necessarily on ‘correct’ day…):

  1. Done. Teamed up with MOOC enrolled colleagues in other (associated) departments (Gayle & Laurine) using Couldworks comments to learning journals, work email, and corridor conversations!
  2. Started. We have put forward (by work email) the idea of a study circle with MOOC enrolled colleagues across the university (some still on summer leave).

Planned for Monday:

8. Complete your team and your study circle.

9. Learning design brainstorm; explore the scope of what is meant by learning design.

Completed (not necessarily on ‘correct’ day…):

  1. Started. We have a team of 3, but we’re not ruling out others joining at this stage. Study circle has not yet met f2f.
  2. Oops, didn’t get to this. So I just had a look just now to see what others did (thus, I lurked…)

Planned for Tuesday:

10. Converge.

Completed (not necessarily on ‘correct’ day…):

  1. Done. I listened to the recording.

Planned for Wednesday:

11. Reflect. Post an entry to your learning journal, reflecting on the first week. Refer to objectives I set. Share your post to the "reflect" couldscape, review others', and apply for your first badge!

Completed (not necessarily on ‘correct’ day…):

  1. Done (almost – yet to apply for badge…). This forms my reflection (sorry it is so task driven…!) and I have read & replied to one other (might yet read and reply to more…)


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