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Gayle's OLDSMOOC Week 1 reflection

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Gayle Nicholas
17 January 2013

As week 1 concludes time management is foremost in my thoughts.  I have spent far too much time clicking around the site, forgetting navigation paths and not concentrating on the tasks being set.  From here on I have to set clearer goals and focus the limited time I have on achieving those goals.

I had a bit of a 'freak out' when I realised my Learning Journal is public and I confess to taking some comments out.  I always like to know who is reading what I write so this is a big step.  However participation is the key to learning so here goes...I am writing for myself and for my learning journey...let the reader beware!

With Meg's superb leadership and Laurine's great team work we are now getting our project together and, with so much to learn and experience, I am excited about the week's ahead.

Did I achieve my desired outcomes for week 1?

  • To be confident at moving around the MOOC site and Cloudworks
    Yes, I am much more confident at moving betwwen the MOOC site and Cloudworks and within the sites.
  • To interact with at least 5 other participants in the MOOC environment (following, discussion posts, learning journals etc)
    Yes, more than 5.
  • To read at least one article of publication on learning design, and
    Yes, I have read the Larnaca Declaration and one other reading on learning design.
  • hopefully be underway with a study group or learning design project.
    Yes, I am working with Meg and Laurine on a Learning Design project as well as signing up for the Australian study group (though I have received no response from the latter list).


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