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My week 2 learning objectives and reflections (Sheila MacNeill)

this is turning more into a confessional space . . .

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Sheila MacNeill
17 January 2013

So list of the "official" objectives and outcomes

From the week 2 overview page:

Design Outcomes:

  • Explore and represent context in relation to your design challenge.
  • Communicate and receive feedback on your analysis of context for your design challenge.
  • Gain insights into your design challenge by applying one or more contextual learning design approaches

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review & revise your understanding of learner context and it's relevance to learning design.
  • Increase your awareness of approaches to context for learning design.
  • Evaluate the relevance of contextual approaches to your own learning design practice.
  • Plan further learning about contextual approaches.

Well first few days have been distracted by thinking about potential of cloudworks and visualistaion to make it a more useful and contextualised learning space (more on blog post of 18 January)

Looked at context slide presentations - and lots of the quotes there are just confirming my hunch that cloudworks itself coud provide a really useful context for learning - although in its current state, and with the other techs/systems/spaces being used in this course I can't help feeling that lots of learning is taking place "despite" the context of the overall implementation of the learning design.

Have arranged for another online meeting with my team for Sunday. 


Preparing for team meet up on Sunday 20th, and looking at persona cards, and watching the #øldsmooc team videos from their planning day, was reminded of the Widgat project. Although primarily concerned with buillding widgets they have develope a nice design template

Wednesday 23rd. So managed to have a quick chat with Clare on Sunday (still having issues with google hangouts on my ipad). We both agreed that even virtual face to face contact was really re-assuring. We agreed to develop a persona/scenario each - Clare did a far more comprehensive job than me and I really enjoyed reading her scenario. During our chat we were talking about guilt, time pressures etc and I mentioned that I had been half thinking about writing a "blaggers guid to mooc-ing", and in true distraction from doing the real course work fashion I wrote "how to succeed at Mooc-ing without really trying" ( I was slightly nervous about posting this on my work blog, but it has had a very postive reaction and hopefully brough a bit of much needed humour to things.

It's always difficult to "plan fun" -particularly on-line but I think in moocs when there is so much going on and everyone is feeling a bit overwhelmed, a bit of fun and "let's not take it all so seriously" is needed.

I've found the daily summaries particularly useful this week as I just haven't spend enough time in any of the oldsmooc spaces this week. I'm not quite sure how Josh has had time to do anything this week - he's even left comments on my clouds. So the whole issue of staff time for MOOCs has been on my mind too in terms of mainstreaming of MOOCs, in terms of design of activities, faciliation and management strategies. Massive commitment seems to be key here.

I took part in the weekly convergence session (unfortunately due to work commitments could only make it for half an hour). Again it was great to see some fellow students and hear their points of views and see their work. Again was impressed by the honesty and openness of the course team in the part of the converstation about context, and the impact of design context and just how hard it is to design for "massive" - you're never going to get all the personas.

I started the week thinking about my personal context/learning space, and as the week draws to a close, I'm still pondering. In terms of MOOCs maybe getting students more comfortable with their learning context more important than "traditional" online socialising activities. I'm thinking of Gilly Salmon's five stage model - perhaps the online socialisation part of that needs extended to have much more emphasis on contextualising multiple learning spaces. Something I hope to explore more in the 7c's next week.

So I probably not stuck exactly to the over-arching plan for the week, but I'm quite comfortable with what I have been able to do. Next week I'm going to make a concerted effort to engage in my 'scary spaces' - google discusion groups:-)

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