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Deborah's OLDS MOOC Reflection Week One

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Deborah Thomas
17 January 2013

Deborah's Reflection for Week One

My thoughts throughout week one have ranged from enthusiasm, motivation (to learn and engage), challenged and lost. I ended the week with a clearer vision on how I want to approach and engage in this MOOC.

My positive outcomes from the week are that I have a better understanding of how cloudscapes and clouds work; I have engaged in some of the activities and joined a study circle, and I have learnt something new about Learning Design and MOOCs.

One aspect of the MOOC environment that I have particularly enjoyed is reading the blogs, some of which are very insightful and provide much food for thought.

My greatest challenge throughout the week has been trying to work out how best I can participate throughout the course, so as to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

I think I have met some of the learning objectives I set for myself  this week, and I am still feeling optimistic to engage.  I am happy with what I have achieved and learnt from others.

One week at a time ....

Deborah   :O)

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