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FE and Skills Online Learning Design;

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elisabetta Lando
17 January 2013

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elisabetta Lando
11:37am 17 January 2013 (Edited 11:39am 17 January 2013)


Drop box  folder opened- please let me know if you  want to join . Use this as a study circle?

elisabetta Lando
3:52pm 17 January 2013


Scenerio template googledoc

Dan McCaffrey
11:15am 22 January 2013

Hi Elisabetta-


Count me in!

Will have a look at the scenario planning exercise later today.


Cheers, Dan

elisabetta Lando
2:42pm 22 January 2013

I just threw some ideas at the sceneario - so is not very clear please do change/add etc.

Leah Hackleman-Good
7:46pm 24 January 2013

May I join the Dropbox folder? 

elisabetta Lando
2:19pm 25 January 2013 (Edited 2:21pm 25 January 2013)

Hi Leah  yes I think the link in the box above should work

elisabetta Lando
1:41pm 27 January 2013 (Edited 3:28pm 28 January 2013)


the above is a link to the activity profile that I planned for my imagined staff development course.  I think very useful as it can really  help to visualise. Nee to click on the 'to be ' tab

elisabetta Lando
4:31pm 1 February 2013


I have chosen this design from week 4 Connect 


What are the pragmatic principles?

elisabetta Lando
10:51am 2 February 2013 (Edited 10:54am 2 February 2013)


Using the PPC I created a very simple design comparing active and more traditional learning- A bit basic but I needed to start from somewhere. I suppose if I am thinking of a 15 hour course - this would be the three hours- very happy for it to be changed 

Browser-user generated content- called"FE  context.CPD active learner'

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