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Learning Design for Learning Design (HE): Project Overview

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Clare Gormley
17 January 2013


Context: I work with university teachers who want to create online learning activities for their students (blended and distance learning etc). They are busy and don't want to become digital pedagogy experts, but do want to create effective online learning experiences for their students.
Challenge: How can we teach teachers about good learning design for online learning? What is the most effective way for teachers to learn so that they can quickly create, deliver and evaluate online learning?
Proposal: Create a learning design for learning design. This might be a 'runable' tool, or a guidance template. It might be a series of learning activities, or it might be a tool to create learning designs for teachers based on their requirements

Team Members: Helen Walmsley, Sheila MacNeill, Clare Gormley, Daniel Scott(?)

Core Motivations for the project: To develop a design that will help third-level lecturers who need to design and develop effective online learning. We recognise that further assistance/support needs to be provided for those who are novices in this area, particularly.

Common context: We all work with lecturers who want to create online learning activities for their students in both blended and fully online contexts.

Challenges we aim to address:  There is a tendency for lecturers to replicate classroom-based approaches possibly because of lack of familiarity with online pedagogies and lack of awareness of the potential tools available. 


Suggestions for specific topics so far:


  • Using learning design toolkits (eg Compendium)
  • Introduction to models of learning and online learning
  • Introduction to online socialisation and, in particular, online icebreakers


Our plan is to decide on one (or possibly 2) topics and then to create the learning design(s). Watch this space!



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