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Morten's Week #1 Learning Journal

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Morten Mosgaard
17 January 2013

First MOOC = lot's of new things learn

It seems at thoe I get more and more familier with this way of studying, and I enjoy all the inspiration I get from reading blogposts, discussions, tweets, articles and such.

Haven't yet found the group it seems perfect to join, I'll get to that. But first week #2 assignments and getting more thoughts on "my dream".

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Getting to know me

Hi I'm Morten

I come from the small scandinavian country of Denmark. I'm an educated musicteacher very earger to learn more about learning. That's the reason I started studying a diploma in cultural leadership (which I'm currently attending until december 2013) and the reason why I attended this MOOC.

I'm new to the MOOC concept, but has been around online learning for a while, mostly through Twitter.

Since I met designthinking a couple of years ago, the inspiration from the design world has rapidly changed my view on education - and I'm constantly trying to make the most out of the teaching I'm doing.

I'm at a danish 1-year boarding school called Musikefterskolen i Humble. Our students are in the age of 15-17 years old when they stop here. It is their last year from the first part of their education, before they have to deside which turns their education should take. The students come to us, to be able to focus on music while they can finish their last year in the groundschool. I teach a folk/worldmusic combo, vocaltraining and rythmical training.

Besides my teaching at Musikefterskolen I do workshops in both choirmusic and rythmical training which I combine with my knowledge from design thinking, learning and leardership theories. It's always exciting to be able to give people inspiration through actual singing and making music and not just through talking (which is also good, but different).

It's to early for me in this MOOC adventure to put words into what I expect, I'll be back when I'm getting the hang of this MOOC thing.

Thanks for your time!

Morten Mosgaard
13:55 on 17 January 2013

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