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Accessibility in Open Educational Practice with OERs (OLDSMOOC)

Accessibility in MOOC experiences

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Terry McAndrew
17 January 2013

Like most I'm very short of time so this is a very brief summary for my learning objectives for this OLDS MOOC. I hope this appears where I hope it will. I 'baled out' of the intro video when the technical problems appeared.

1. To 'get the feel' of MOOCs. I've watched from afar in one. This time to get 'hands dirty'.

2. To promote the accessibility and inclusion agenda into the MOOC environment. Online and Open reaches out to those who might not be able to access courses for financial, chronological or geographic reasons, but Open isn't Open if those with disabilities are not empowered to participate on the same terms. I want to promote appropriate resoures from the JISC environment where appropriate.

3. To discover a network which can assist me with the Digital Literacies in the Disciplines programme we are developing in the Higher Education Academy. I am seeking contacts for 'students as partners' to surface discipline issues -opportunities and challenges. In effect, to extend and sustain the JISC DL work further into the HEA community through pragmatic and effective action (it does not have to be efficient, just get something useful done).

I will have to do this in short bites - no big missives to follow.

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