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OLDS MOOC Week 2: objectives and plans

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Carolyn Gregoire
17 January 2013

This week I will be following the "short route".  Since I work for government, rather than HE, my scenarios and context will likely be quite different from those of my classmates.  However, my project team is working on developing a curriculum for webinar design, so I think that my team's ideas and plans will fit well into my design.  I already have a real-life scenario to work from, so I think the mind mapping activity will help me nut out all of the fine details regarding the context of the learning design, both from the perspective of the learners and from those who will be delivering the learning (not me).  Learning different ways of applying this context to my situation will be a great help to creating an engaging and relevant resource.  Of course, my teammate's ideas and reflections will also influence and improve my design.

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