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Heather Peters OLDS MOOC Week 1 Reflections from Another Face in the Cloud

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Heather Peters
17 January 2013

Where to begin? I started the MOOC feeling a bit overwhelmed but excited to learn more about learnging design. I kept my goals for the week quite simple and just noted the specific activities we were to complete for the week. I have completed the ones I listed, so I feel good about that accomplishment.

From a technical side, I said I wanted to learn about some tools that I didn't know about before and that certainly happened. I'm a bit frustrated with how many spaces the course is held in and the need to figure out just what is meant to be said where. I'm pleased with myself for persisting and I think I have enough of a basic grasp to continue.

On the content side - I'm finding the way 'designers' look at the world intriguing in terms of the vast number of processes that are involved in course design. I remain a bit puzzled as I work through some of the models and ideas as it is rather difficult to see where they differ from the work I do as a teacher. Not that there aren't differences in the mix but that teaching itself is a process of design - a point made in one of the early videos as well.

The interaction with other people is teaching me a lot - I see common issues across the world and intitutional settings. People are open and willing to talk about thier own experiences and share their knowledge. We've even had a go at defining knowledge!

My learning journal is also an open study group space so feel free to pop by and join in the discussion. (link below)

I'm looking forward to next week and having a go at inquiring some more.


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