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Lesley's learning journey, 17th January 2013

Windmills of my mind

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Lesley Shield
17 January 2013

Not much to say today. I opened my mailbox this morning to find the introduction to Week 2 leering back at me. I felt dispirited as I hadn't even written my Week 1 reflection at that point and I was expecting some exam marking to arrive today (it did and is lying in a giggling heap in a folder on my desktop, awating processing). So, I set Week 2 aside and wrote the first chapter documenting my adventures in MOOC. I feel like a Victorian explorer lady, but have chosen to wear khaki jodhpurs rather than a flowing skirt - much easier to dodge the dangers that await me as I plough onwards. Thank goodness for a steampunk world that allows for pith helmets and tablets in the same environment.

I've read some of the other weekly journals and am interested to see a variety of approaches and experiences described. It would be surprising if everything were the same, but it's always good to see variety.

I've planned my study circle today and am waiting for a colleague's views before setting up a cloudscape. And then the project groups - hmmm, we'll see about that

Now, while I don't like the concept of 'badges' (more when I have time), I need to find out how to get one. I'm not  competitive person and it saddens me that I find myself feelng the need for this but, as I said in another cloud, it would be nice to have something to reflect the effort...

So, although I find myself humming, 'Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning like an ever spinning wheel...' increasingly often as I traverse the outer reaches of OLDS-MOOC, it's becoming clearer. At the end of Week 1, I still feel slightly dazed and a somewhat out of tune, a little like this:

White Rabbit


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