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Contextual challenges in Desktop Computer Basics course

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Art Oglesby
17 January 2013

Our organization, Free Geek Twin Cities, offers free or discounted computers in return for public service. We also hope to provide competencies in computer hardware basics and in the use of free open source software.



Female immigrant from East Africa is Muslim and is reluctant to socialize with male strangers. English is her second language and is a barrier to understanding.

Chemically dependant males sentenced to a half-way house come in to earn a free computer but cannot resist stealing laptops when given the opportunity.

Ten year olds come in after school and wants to earn a free computer but emotionally immaturity results in adult volunteers not wanting to babysit (discipline)


A dozen students with Autism Spectrum disorders come in to learn job skills

Individules with Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) wish to earn computers and learn job skills.


Individule is sentenced to serve and wishes to work 120 hrs as an alternative to 6 months in prison. She does not give the required hours but edits our tracking data base and prints out a copy for proof of compliance for her hearing.

Seven ex-prisoners are given early release to a half-way house. A grant proposal offers to pay them $8/hr for 50 hrs if we can provide supervised work for them.


Three of our volunteers have been in wheelchairs and one was a quadriplegic, only able to talk and to point with a baton held in his mouth.

One woman volunteer is legally blind.


Learner has an allergic reaction to mold in room

learners are too cold or too hot

learner can't stand the choice of music being played

Too much noise from environment is distracting

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