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OLDS MOOC 2013 Learning Journal

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Keylor Murillo Moya
17 January 2013

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Keylor Murillo Moya
11:07pm 17 January 2013


It is a bit late to start with Week 1 but I am hoping that, by the end of this week, I will be able to have a more specific idea about this OLDS MOOC, about MOOCs in general and about my peers and people involved.


Keylor Murillo Moya
3:09pm 20 January 2013


Here are some links as evidence of my participation in Week 1:

Activity 1: link.

Activity 2: link.

Activities 3 and 4: link.

Activity 5: link.

Activity 6: link.



Keylor Murillo Moya
10:51pm 22 January 2013 (Edited 7:30pm 24 January 2013)


I am starting this week a bit late but I plan to catch up as quick as possible. My plan for this second week is to study and discuss the importance of context for learning design and more importantly, for my own learning design project. In Week 1 I have made a general description of my design and its main objectives. For this second week I am planning to include a possible context for that design and to be able to describe its objectives, resources and participants in more detail. I am also planning to view and comment on other people's designs and ideas.

I have added the OLDS MOOC calendar to my Google calendars and I'll set reminders to better organised my time and participation in future weeks.


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