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Tony Gleeson OLD MOOC Learning Journal

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Tony Gleeson
18 January 2013

Where does one begin.


I know w2 is about context, I look around at all these sites, google groups, clouds, twitter and there is an immense amount of noise.

Maybe it will make sense within the next couple of months.

Far too many channels and opportunities for confusion. i recognize that from my own point of view that free services like twitter clouds etc and ad hoc and have their own learning curve and also a journey in discovering real directions.

Why not use a LMS that easily accomodates and controls all of the external systems?

Anyway that's where I am.

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Joshua Underwood
11:01am 18 January 2013

Yep, using an LMS may have made this much simpler, and possibly better for some, and would probably have allowed us greater control...

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