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Starting a community of shared practice with OLD experiences

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Sue Watling
18 January 2013

I’d be really interested to hear about all your experiences of with OLD with or without multimedai. It represents such a major shift from traditional face to face pedagogies and for me, oldsmooc is proving to be a useful reminder of all how challenging it can be to operate within digital learning platforms where the content has to do all the work. Sharing practice is where the learning starts to be fun.

The practical elements of online learning design area are as important as the theory; this is particularly true when using Multimedia. In the past I’ve used a five stage framework of Plan, Prepare, Pilot, Evaluate and Deliver, but the Pilot and Evaluate stages were often missed, or inadequate time frames allowed for them, or insufficient variety of different browsers and operating systems were used.   

For me online delivery works best when time is allowed for students to try out the environment before the teaching timetable begins. this is more than 'testing' the audio and video although that in itself is a critical part of the process. Online induction helps the tutor make sure everyone has ‘arrived’, found their way around the site content, has all the necessary plugins and scripts enabled, and tested their confidence with key requirements like uploading files or images or contributing to collaborative activities in blogs, wikis, discussion forums etc. Having an induction activity where people introduce themselves, their backgrounds and reasons for being on the course and doing this in a friendly, supportive environment, constructing their own code on content for language and behaviour, can be time well spent. Gilly Salmon’s 5 step model to e-moderating offers a structured approach which covers the key areas and is a useful starting point for tutors new to setting up online learning groups and communities.

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