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Project team members + Study circle

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Helen Walmsley-Smith
18 January 2013

I'm getting a bit confused, so hope this helps:

Add your name here if you are definitely interested in working on this project. 

Add a link to a cloud if you want to link your project to this one as part of a larger 'study circle'


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I'd like to be part of the wider 'Study Circle'. I'm working on a separate 'Project', however.

My dream design -
Project overview -

Oli Haslam
13:17 on 19 January 2013

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Cathy Chen
1:36pm 19 January 2013 (Edited 1:51pm 19 January 2013)

Helen and others, your project ties in with my interest and I like the scenario you've introduced. A well organised and motivated group that I would like to work with - any room?

Cathy Chen:
twitter: @ca73y




Clare Gormley
3:33pm 19 January 2013

Thanks Helen.

To anyone who wants to join the Team, could I just add that there is a project-related Google Hangout happening tomorrow Sunday Jan 20 at 3 pm GMT. I will start this Hangout so if you wish to join in, please let me know where to find you on Google +. Thanks!

Cathy Chen
7:09am 20 January 2013

Hi Clare, new to Google + & Hangout, but think I have successfully added my profile (Cathy Chen). I am in Melbourne and the local time here will be 2am. Not sure if I will make it to the meeting, will try :)

Clare Gormley
1:40pm 20 January 2013

Hi Cathy,

2 am! Poor you - don't worry if you can't make it, I will try to update you afterwards. Clare

Clare Gormley
8:37pm 20 January 2013 (Edited 8:39pm 20 January 2013)

Hi Cathy & Helen,

Cathy, I'm afraid I wasn't able to find you on Google + (your name wasn't coming up in the Search results. I think you might need to forward your Google ID?) so I'm hoping you weren't online at 2 am! Anyhow, just to keep you and Helen updated, here's a quick summary:

Google Hangout Sunday Jan 20 - Attendees Sheila MacNeill & Clare Gormley

Sheila and I had a quick chat about possible next steps. If it's ok with everyone, we thought it might be best to for us to try to work on the project activities (specifically short route activies 2 & 4) asynchronously for the remainder of this week anyway. Helen and Sheila have already added possible scenario clouds to the Project Team Cloudscape and I'm working on another one also currently. Feel free to add yours, Cathy. Then later in the week hopefully we can review each others suggestions and give feedback. As we are looking for an approx 30 min - 1 hour activity, we could work up one (or two) of the suggested scenarios further in week 3. Hopefully this way we will have a few potential options to choose from and in my own case, it's helpful for me to think this stuff out anyway, regardless of whether or not my scenario is developed further. Hopefully that approach makes sense to everyone.


Helen Walmsley-Smith
5:00pm 22 January 2013

Tthanks Clare, for the summary and sorry I wasn't able to make the hangout on Sunday. After looking at the other scenarios, I think I will spend some time on developing mine a bit and then we can select one to build on. 


Clare Gormley
2:34pm 23 January 2013

Hi Helen,

No worries re the Hangout, thanks for the update. Let's keep in touch all! Thanks, Clare

Clare Gormley
1:57pm 31 January 2013

Hi all,

We've all been very quiet on the team front, must be keeping busy! Just letting you all know that Sheila and I are meeting for a hangout on Sunday at 3 pm GMT. I'll start the hangout then and anyone who's interested and available is welcome to join. Thanks, Clare

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