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Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Two - Inquire

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Will Pollard
18 January 2013

This is a learning log for week two. I am also updating the Video Production cloud, see link. Apart from my blog - will789 on Posterous - I will try to stick to these two clouds. I am finding Cloudworks VERY confusing. Also I am a couple of days behind. Forming groups is slow and I would like to realte to others not on the course. So I may do things out of order to try for some momentum

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I have got a jpeg from Flickr into the video cloud. This cloud is not showing up in my portfolio. So very hard to navigate in Cloudworks. Probably more in Posterous for a while.

Will Pollard
17:21 on 18 January 2013

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Will Pollard
5:48pm 18 January 2013

I have added a section on personas to the Video cloud.

I think the scenarios are implicit.

Will Pollard
10:46am 21 January 2013

I am continuing to add to the video cloud. I want more people to find it.

Will Pollard
11:14am 21 January 2013

Reflecting on original design, I am still thinking about the force field and the personas.

Also I have added a procedure on design meetings. I would like to include quality management as an approach as it can assist learning on occasions.

Will Pollard
3:43pm 23 January 2013

Apart from the Ecology of Resources I have tried out most of this week suggestions.

I have suggested linking to systems and quality. I still need to relate this to the course but the approach is not ruled out. The discussion on the Google Hangout was useful.

I think that groups are forming outside of Cloudworks. Not all in formal project teams but with some idea of what others are doing. I am concntrating on video but trying to follow digital literacy and virtual worlds.

Next week I will be at BETT and Learning Technologies. So I may well fall behind on the schedule. But probaly I will catch up later. I may sketch the two weeks later this week.

Sancha de Burca
5:32pm 23 January 2013


I was very interested in the Hangout discussion. I think I'll try to get some of my TV Production (ie "Interactive TV") students involved in some You Tube editing! I didn't know you could do that (legally!).


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