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Lesley's learning journey, 18th January 2013

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Lesley Shield
18 January 2013

Exam marking has arrived. I have no time for anything else. Heaven knows when I'll fit in something on context etc.

I guess this demonstrates very clearly that a daily schedule really isn't realistic.

Somewhere, I read '3-10 hours' a week. Er, the live sessions take more than 3 hours! Not possible. I'd estimate I spent around 30-40 hours on Week 1 as I waited for the exams to arrive. I'll be lucky to manage 1-3 hours per week over the next couple of weeks. My stress levels are rising. Surely semi-structured (informal) learning shouldn't be causing me to lose sleep and worry about not being able to keep up and live my life at the same time?

Short entry today. No time...

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