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Adam Warren
18 January 2013

This Google doc is my attempt at a scenario for Oli Haslam's dream: Oli Haslam: My dream: Learning design for a collaborative ‘gamified simulation’ environment in Wordpress Multisite

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Adam Warren
9:24pm 18 January 2013

Comments? Suggestions? I spent some time today trying to create a simple simulation based on these principles and basically got nowhere... so it is still just a dream...

Meg Colasante
7:32am 25 January 2013

Hi Adam,

I'm really impressed! There seemed to be a nice synergy across this scenario, eg: i could sense the need for under pressure decision-making (in a safe practice environment) before you actually used these words, and it comes across as very 'real-world' authentic.

I'm trying to think of something to add to offer to think about, but it's a context I'm not necessarily familiar with (except for living in a land of intermittent 'draughts and flooding rain' and, currently, bush fires). I very much appreciate the reflective piece at the end, to tease out and consolidate learning. Have you thought about perhaps a team 'debrief' session also, like might I imagine occur after such a scenario if it were real?

Very impressed, Meg

Adam Warren
10:26am 25 January 2013

Hi Meg,

I'm also not familar with the flood planning/reaction process, which is where I ran out of ideas when trying to think in more detail about how the simulation would work.

The reflective piece also enables the activity to be assessed - and perhaps (if the MLE supports it) peer-assessed. The debrief is a great idea - perhaps on a discussion forum so that the various teams could pool their experiences and ideas.

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