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Keylor: My dream: Learning design project proposal: Collaborative Reading

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Keylor Murillo Moya
18 January 2013


I would like to design a module online for Collaborative Reading and possibly, Collaborative Writing. The idea is to create a syllabus on a subject (I suggest Latin American or Spanish Literature because that's what I studied), prepare some readings, materials and activities and then design the whole module. Participants will read and discuss texts in groups online, at the same time, using online resources like Google Hang Out, Skype or Big Blue Botton. Participants will also complete several activities and collect their achievements in an e-portfolio, as a repository of evidence.

What do you think? Would you like to join in?



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Alisha Portolese
2:43pm 19 January 2013

I'm glad that you connected with us, Keylor - I think we will have a lot of interesting things to take about regarding collaborative reading and writing.

I have never experienced a Google hang out before and I have never heard of Big Blue Button - what is it? Is it like Skype?

I assume you are thinking about adult learners for this scenario?

Thanks for connecting!



Keylor Murillo Moya
2:27pm 20 January 2013

Hello Alisha,

Thanks for your response. Big Blue Botton is an open web conferencing tool which can be used for teaching purposes. You have access to a whitboard where you and your students can interact. You also have access to audio and video tools. It is a bit like Skype but with a whiteboard for your classes. There are many similar tools online. 

Yes, I was thinking of adult learners for the Collaborative Reading project. I haven't really understood how the 'group project' works or how we are supposed to connect, but if you have already started your project with your group don't worry, I can continue with your idea of Collaborative Writing and maybe start a different group for Collaborative Reading. I am sure that's not a problem.


Alisha Portolese
3:11pm 21 January 2013

I think it is open how we connect from my understanding of the MOOC. How were you hoping to connect?

My understanding of the MOOC structure is that there are teams working on one project (e.g. collaborative writing or collaborative reading) and then study groups/circles are a collection of those projects. I was hoping we could be part of a study group together, where we are working on different projects but the projects are connected and so we can discuss ideas and share resources together.

That said, if you wanted to work more closely together on one project as a team I am open to that also - let me know if that is what you are thinking and what that would look like for you. I am happy to collaborate :)

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