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Adding multimedia value to specialist teacher training

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Perry Williams
15 April 2008

I helped design and write multimedia resources for Oxford Brookes University’s delivery of the National Training Programme for Gifted and Talented Coordinators during 2000.

The teachers being trained for this specialist role studied independently through distance learning materials, using a conferencing website to work and share ideas with others in their tutor group.

The multimedia resources which were part of the materials contained two main components: (1) audio extracts from interviews with experienced G&T Coordinators, and (2) video clips of dramatised scenes showing the problems faced by two fictional G&T Coordinators in their schools. These were edited or scripted to match the curriculum, which was organised around management issues. Each of them was embedded within a learning activity to encourage students to identify the management issues involved in the specific case and relate the example to their own circumstances.

Assessment of the course was through submission of a reflective portfolio and a report of a small-scale action research project.

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